Little Girl Drinks Water

The Water Initiative ("TWI") is a healthy water solutions company serving consumer needs everywhere.

TWI’s WaterCura® point-of-drinking (“POD”) solutions remove virtually all water contaminants including excess arsenic, fluoride, pathogens (bacteria and cysts), organic compounds and pharmaceuticals. Together, these contaminants cause water-related illnesses, cancer and diabetes, resulting in millions of deaths per year.

 Our Mission

TWI will become the world’s trusted source of affordable, convenient, effective and trustworthy POD water solutions. TWI believes that the closer to the lips of the consumer the water is cleaned, waterborne diseases will be more effectively combated.

Just as cell phones enabled billions of people to leapfrog the need for telecommunications equipment, TWI’s POD solutions will enable billions of people to leapfrog the need for central treatment plants and bottled water.

Traditional water treatment solutions are expensive, wasteful and take years to implement. Large centralized water treatment plants are expensive to build and consume enormous amounts of energy. Plants discharge over 30% of the water that enters the system with decontaminants; on average, over 50% of the water leaks from the infrastructure during distribution and also often becomes re-contaminated during distribution or storage. Only 1-2% of the water that entered the treatment plant is eventually used for drinking and cooking; however, more than 80% of the cost of a water treatment plant is dedicated to making water drinkable.

Purchasing bottled water is inconvenient and burdensome, particularly in developing countries. Consumers in all markets perceive these products as too costly, environmentally unsafe and untrustworthy. Extraordinary amounts of energy and water (3 gallons for each 1 gallon of bottled water) are consumed to create bottled water. There are no regulations anywhere therefore the quality of bottled water is inconsistent everywhere.

Kevin McGovern and Children in Mexico

About The Water Initiative

TWI is a healthy water solutions company serving consumer needs everywhere. TWI has developed the most comprehensive know-how in thePOD sector. It co-creates products contoured to market needs and price points by maintaining a continuous feedback loop between customers and its R&D, field and community teams. TWI seeks strategic partners globally to fund and collaborate in the development and distribution of TWI’s customized solutions.

An international network of technologists, entrepreneurs and business professionals support TWI’s core team. Kevin McGovern leads TWI and has been a founder and key strategist for several world and category leaders, including SoBe Beverages (fastest growing US beverage company), KX Industries (creator and former key supplier to Pur, Brita and Electrolux water filtration products), and Tristrata (owner and distributor of the world’s leading skincare component, Alpha Hydroxy Acids).

TWI’s entrepreneurial management has played leading roles at GE Water,ITT/Xylem, The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo, Pall Corporation, Sprint, Hatch Engineering, Severn Trent, Filtertek, Bell Labs, PerkinElmer, Amberwave, Pfizer, IDB and USAID.

TWI technologists are leading scientists from top institutions such as Cornell,MIT, UCLA, Harvard, Yale, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico.