Filtered Bottle
$ 24.99

Watercura’s® filtered water bottle features advanced two-stage filtration technology that eliminates both chemical contaminants and bacteria. This unique bottle provides you with the safest, cleanest drinking water possible. 

This easy-to-use bottle eliminates the problems experienced in the use of many other filtered water bottles. The 100% silicone body and large mouth opening only require a small squeeze to provide you with a drink of water. The tough plastic cap and soft silicone body resists breakage up to 12 feet and the button-activated plastic cover protects against germs. 

This stylish body, available in fashion colors, allows you to have fresh, filtered water on the go and substantially lessens the amount of plastic water bottles left in landfills each year. Just replace your filter every season and you will have safe and good-tasting water all year long.